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Gesuiti Letture consigliate Muslim and Catholic Perspectives on Disability:

Antuan Ilgit

Muslim and Catholic Perspectives on Disability:

A Proposal for Muslim-Christian Dialogue
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(Trad. Prospettive musulmane e cattoliche sulla disabilità. Una proposta per il dialogo Musulmano-Cristiano)

“Rev. Antuan Ilgit has proven to be a master bridge-builder in solidly planting a firm foundation that can connect both Christianity and Islam by providing a remarkably complete “blue-print” through inter-religious dialogue and ethical discourse utilizing in the rich resources each of two great religions already possess in coming to a fuller understanding of the various notions of “disability,” and then moves to a careful consideration of how this inter-religious ethical blue print can be applied to the contemporary situation in the state of Turkey. Throughout Ilgit draws not only on the core primary sacred texts of Islam and Christianity, but also as an amazing breadth of secondary literature in a number of languages. To this project he brings his own remarkable analytical skills drawing not only on his expertise as a moral theologian, but from his own personal background as a Turkish Jesuit with lived experience of both faith traditions and schooled in Europe and the United States. His work will prove invaluable not only to those interested in one or more of the areas of disability studies, inter-religious dialogue between Islam and Christianity, especially in reference to modern-day Turkey, but also to the critical area of bringing fundamental moral theology and the use of Scripture into applied ethics.”

James T. Bretzke, S.J., S.T.D., Professor of Moral Theology, Boston College School of Theology & Ministry

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